Assessment and maintenance of drainage systems and stormwater management

Drainage Easements include the following systems: drainage, water diversion, and sanitary control, including, without limitation, walls, beds, embankments, spillways, appurtenances, and other engineered devices. The property owner retains the right to use all or any part of the Easement for any purpose which does not damage, destroy, injure, and/or unreasonably interfere with the use of the Easement. However, the easement shall be kept clear of all structures or other improvements. The City shall make commercially reasonable efforts to ensure that damage to the Property is minimized and the City will at all times, after doing any work in connection with the System, restore the Property to the condition in which the Property was found before such work was undertaken to the extent that such restoration is reasonable in accordance with the City’s usual and customary practices. The maintenance of the turf, grasses, and landscape vegetation within the easement shall be the duty and responsibility of the property owner.

MS4 - General Permit No. TXR040000

MS4 - Fact Sheet and Executive Director's Preliminary Decision

Stormwater Management Plan

2019-2023 Stormwater Management Plan

Annual Reports

2019 - MS4 Report  

2020 - MS4 Report 

2021 - MS4 Report 

2022 - MS4 Report 

Streets and Roads

The City regularly assesses and maintains streets and roads (public rights of way). There are nearly 55 miles of streets within the City limits (note that this does not include gated communities). The City maintained streets per county:
Bexar County = 33.0 miles
Comal County = 5.7 miles
Kendall County = 16.1 miles