Oak Wilt

What is Oak Wilt?
Small Oakwilt ImageOak Wilt is a very serious tree disease that is killing oak trees in Central Texas at epidemic proportions. It is an infectious disease caused by a fungus which invades and disables the water-conducting system in susceptible trees.

Are My Trees at Risk?

ALL oak trees are susceptible to oak wilt! In Fair Oaks Ranch, Live Oaks are the most frequently infected tree.

Do I Have Oak Trees?

The following resources can help you identify what type of tree you have.

What are the symptoms of oak wilt?

Foliar (leaf) symptoms, patterns of tree mortality, and the presence of fungal mats can be used as indicators of oak wilt. Click here for an in-depth look.

Oakwilt Image 2 January 2021

Is Oak Wilt in My Neighborhood?

Take a look at the City’s Oak Wilt Map.

Looking to Become a Registered Tree Contractor?

Fill out the following forms and submit to cityhall@fairoaksranchtx.org

Oak Wilt Tips

How Can I Protect My Trees? 
Early detection and prompt action are essential for successful management of oak wilt. If you think you might have oak wilt, protect your trees by working with an Oak Wilt Qualified Arborist to diagnose and treat your trees.

The City of Fair Oaks Ranch has specific guidelines regarding oak wilt prevention – see the following requirements from Ordinance 2020-22:

1. Using a Registered Tree Contractor
Tree contractors that provide services within the City of Fair Oaks Ranch MUST be registered with the City prior to beginning work. Please click here for the list of registered tree contractors.

Please note: Property owners may perform tree maintenance on his/her own property without permit or registration.

2. Designated Season for Oak Tree Maintenance
Oak tree maintenance (including cutting, trimming, pruning, and removal) is limited to a designated time frame of July 1st through January 31st when fungal spore formation and nitidulid beetle activity are lowest.

Exceptions to maintenance outside the designated time frame include the following: clearing branches posing a danger to life or property; for purposes of residential or commercial development; and for maintenance performed by utility, phone and cable services. An Oak Tree Maintenance Exemption form must be completed and turned into the City’s Environmental Program Manager PRIOR to beginning work. 
3. Immediate Painting / Sealing of Oak Tree Wounds 
ALL oak tree wounds MUST be painted immediately after trimming, cutting, pruning or trenching. Any black paint (latex, oil-based, spray-on, brush-on or wound dressing) will suffice. 
4. Diversify Your Landscape
Plant trees that are resistant to oak wilt and adapted to Central Texas. Click here for some ideas! 
Please note:
 All members of the red oak group (Quercus section Lobatae) are prohibited as new plantings in the City of Fair Oaks Ranch due to their high susceptibility to oak wilt

Additional Resources:

Learn more about oak wilt at texasoakwilt.org/

Learn more about ice damage and oak wilt here.

Questions? Please call the City’s Environmental Projects Manager at (210) 698-0900.