Municipal Development District

MDD Mission Statement

The Mission of the Fair Oaks Municipal Development District is to approve funding for economic development, retention and improvement of the District, and for the improvement of short and long term property values.

What is the MDD?

The Municipal Development District is a Fair Oaks Ranch taxing entity that was established in 2009 with the purpose of providing a stimulus of economic growth within the City of Fair Oaks Ranch.  The citizens of Fair Oaks Ranch approved a 0.5 cent tax to be added to the municipal sales tax as a funding source.  The funds collected are to be used to help fund projects, commercial, civic and governmental, that will provide for economic, social, and civic growth while ensuring or increasing property values.

Who can use the MDD funds?

Commercial entities, civic organizations, governmental organizations and not for profit entities can apply for funding of projects that are qualified and meet standards that will provide economic growth, improve the quality of life for residents of Fair Oaks Ranch or offer social and/or safety benefits to the city and its residents.  

How does funding get approved?

Applicants will submit a formal application for consideration to the MDD that provides what the project would entail the expected benefits to the community, a business plan, funding provided by the applicant, proposed use of funds requested and timing of the proposed project.  The MDD will evaluate requests to determine if the project meets the published State and Local standards^ for project funding.  Funding from the MDD can be partial or up to matching depending on the business case and application request.  The MDD board will make the final decision on the request and will authorize the amount of funding.

What types of projects will be considered?

As stated, commercial, civic, safety, or municipal projects will be considered*.   Projects can range from, Municipal infrastructure projects , small civic projects proposed by: e.g. scouting groups, FFA, 4H and the like, to commercial businesses seeking funding for remodeling and enhancing current facilities. Examples:  an Eagle Scout project to provide a safety improvement to a park, a small business would like to improve signage that improves the appearance of the business, a potential business owner would like to renovate a space to meet city codes, a road construction would resolve an entrance problem for a business, a new business wishes to build a structure.  These are examples but do not limit the types of projects for which individuals or groups can apply for funding assistance.

What will not be considered?

Funding request for a commercial project that does not have committed funding from a financial or private investor, funding requests for projects outside of the City of Fair Oaks, funding requests that do not contribute to social norms, funding requests that do not meet City/ETJ ordinances, funding requests for private residences, or funding requests deemed detrimental to the life style of the community.

How do I start?

A Business Plan should be developed providing what the project will do, how it will be implemented, who will be responsible, what benefits it will provide, timing for completion, funding the applicant has secured, and funding requested from MDD.  The funding from MDD will be provided upon completion of the project.  

An application should be completed and accompany the Business Plan. The form can be found below. Funding sources should be documented and will be verified prior to any decision to fund by the MDD Board.  A meeting with the board will be required for the requestor to present the project and discuss the business plan. The MDD Board of Directors' regular meetings are scheduled each January, April, July, and October. Contact the City Secretary's Office for dates/times.MDD Logo

For information about applying to serve on the Fair Oaks Ranch MDD Board of Directors please visit this webpage.

MDD Board of Directors

  • Keith Rhoden, Place 1, City Council Member - Secretary
  • Laura Koerner, Place 2, City Council Member - President
  • David Fairhurst, Place 3, FORHA Representative
  • Nicholas DiCianni, Place 4 - Vice President
  • Mike Lovelace, Place 5 - Treasurer
  • Ruben Olvera, Place 6
  • Steven Robertson, Place 7

MDD Contact Information

Attn: MDD Board President

City of Fair Oaks Ranch

7286 Dietz Elkhorn

Fair Oaks Ranch, TX 78015

(210) 698-0900, ext 223