Code Compliance


Our mission is to ensure the people of Fair Oaks Ranch are abiding by the City's ordinances and codes as determined by City Council. These regulations have been enacted to maintain health, safety, order, to ensure property rights and values, and to maintain the aesthetics that exist in Fair Oaks Ranch.

Code Compliance is the inspection, improvement, and rehabilitation of public and private premises. This is done by reviewing ordinances and codes and conducting routine field visits to identify violations concerning fire and health hazards, nuisance violations, or unsafe building conditions. The City enforces its standards and requirements through the Fair Oaks Ranch Code of Ordinances and the Unified Development Code.

Compliance Corner: A message from your Code Compliance Officer

• Due to the lack of replenishment to the Trinity Glen Aquifer, the City of Fair Oaks Ranch has entered into a Drought Contingency Plan.  Please review the Drought Contingency Plan and make sure you are in compliance. 

• There is a new reporting program for residents and business owners to submit non-emergency problems they see within the community. It is called the Citizen Problem Reporter.