Projects Under Consideration

The establishment of the Bond Advisory Committee is a strategic step towards ensuring the City's infrastructure is not only maintained but also thrives. With a dedicated focus on the City's major projects and their financing, this committee will be instrumental in the city's development journey.

In an ongoing commitment to the future infrastructure and financial stability of our City, the City Council has recently reviewed the FY 2024-28 Proposed Capital Improvements Plan (CIP). This comprehensive review paves the way for the careful consideration of impactful city projects that span from roadways and drainage systems to crucial water and wastewater undertakings.

The CIP envisions an ambitious allocation of approximately $34 million. A significant portion, nearly $14 million, is earmarked for projects supported by the General Fund, encompassing essentials like roadways, drainage systems, and municipal buildings. Meanwhile, water and wastewater ventures have a dedicated focus with a proposed budget nearing $20 million.

Dive deeper below by clicking on the name of a project to explore more about the projects under consideration and their long-term implications.

Roadway Projects

Dietz Elkhorn Reconstruction
Battle Intense / Trailside Reconstruction
Rolling Acres Trail Reconstruction
Ammann Road Reconstruction

Drainage Projects

28907 Chartwell Lane
8622 Delta Dawn
8472 Rolling Acres Trail
8040 Rolling Acres Trail
7740 Pimlico Lane
7420 Rolling Acres Trail
8426 Triple Crown
8312 Triple Crown
29314 Sumpter Drive
32030 Scarteen
Ammann Road Low Water Cross

Other Projects

Civic Center
Arbors Preserve Access Rd
Fire Station #3 Upgrades
City Gateway Feature

Additional projects will be added as the Bond Advisory Committee continues to identify CIP projects for consideration.