Police Department

Mayor Manitzas, City Manager Tobin Maples, and Chief Moring with Sgt. Chris Griffin attended a joint meeting today with local leaders. The following is our collective assessment of the current situation involving Covid-19: 

Local leaders have been talking together, along with other local and state agencies, for weeks about the COVID-19 situation. This morning, a group of 40 representatives from the Kendall County, City of Boerne, the City of Fair Oaks Ranch, Boerne ISD, emergency management and law enforcement officials, health care and first responders, the Boerne Chamber, Boerne Kendall County EDC, HEB and Walmart came together at Boerne’s City Hall to discuss the most recent information related to COVID-19. 

This group is unified on strategies to prevent the spread of the virus in our community and continues to actively monitor all area, state, and federal actions related to this emerging community health threat. 

With the rapidly changing information regarding this virus, going forward, representatives from these groups will coordinate daily and release updated information that impacts area residents. You will see messages coming through every avenue that can be used: websites, Facebook, emails, etc. 

A couple of key messages we want everyone in our community to know: 

- There is no reason to panic about the current situation. 

- All of us take this COVID-19 threat very seriously and we implore people to remain calm. 

- We will remain vigilant and engaged with health officials daily until this situation passes. 

- We are committed to frequent, consistent and proactive communication to our community members. 

- At the moment we are not in an emergency situation status. 

- We endorse the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) guidelines as the key source of information on how to handle COVID-19. 

- We all are operating on a daily basis as we have, with some modifications to our procedures. 

- None of us know exactly what the next few weeks will hold, but we are monitoring and responding to the hourly changes as quickly as possible. 

- There will be continuous communications about our plans to the entire community. 

This situation has, without a doubt, changed our lives in the short run. We all believe that staying calm and responding in a cohesive fashion as a strong community, we can support each other through this to a successful conclusion.