Barking Dog & Restraint

If you have a problem with a barking dog, you might first talk with the pet's owner as they may not be aware of the disturbance.  If the problem continues, call the non-emergency number at (830) 249-8645 to report the problem to the Fair Oaks Ranch Police Department.
If the nuisance continues, you may be required to sign a formal complaint that summons the pet's owner to Municipal Court.  Additionally, you may have to testify in court regarding the nuisance.

All dogs and cats shall be kept under restraint by a leash or in a secure yard or enclosure by either fence or a non-penetrable "invisible fence" for dogs.  If an "invisible fence" is used on a dog, the dog must have a working "invisible fence" collar.  For the safety of the public and dog or cat, no dogs or cats may be allowed to run free.