The City of Fair Oaks Ranch, TX
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city of fair oaks ranch - texas
7286 Dietz Elkhorn
Fair Oaks Ranch, TX 78015
Ph: (210) 698-0900
Toll Free: (866) 258-2505
Fx: (210) 698-3565

Building Codes

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1. When do I need a building permit?
2. How do I obtain a building permit?
3. Are there any special requirements of contractors wishing to perform work within the City?
4. How do I schedule an inspection?


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1. Do I need to register my dog/cat(s) with the City?
2. What Can or Cannot be Recycled?
3. What is my watering day?
4. When is the regular monthly City Council meeting?
5. When are City elections held?
6. How do I obtain more information on Oak Wilt?

City Secretary

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1. When are City Council meeting minutes available for viewing?
2. Is notary service available at City Hall?
3. How do I get a copy of a City Ordinance?

Human Resources

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1. Where do I send my application and/or resume for a job posting?

Municipal Court

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1. Why must I appear in Court?
2. When is my Court day?
3. What forms of payment can be used to pay a citation?

Police Department

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1. Will the Police Department watch my house when I am out of town?
2. Can I operate my golf cart on City streets?
3. Can I put up garage sale signs?
4. What do I do about a baby deer in my yard?
5. How do I contact the Fair Oaks Ranch Police Department?
6. Can I get my fingerprints taken?
7. What do I do if I have a complaint regarding an animal (barking dog, etc.)?
8. Does my dog or cat need registration tags?

Water / Sewer

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1. When are the meters read?
2. What forms of payment are accepted to pay for water/sewer bills?
3. How do I check for a water leak?
4. I just installed a new water softener, what is the City's water hardness level?
5. How do I turn the water off to my house if I need plumbing work done?

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