The City of Fair Oaks Ranch, TX
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city of fair oaks ranch - texas
7286 Dietz Elkhorn
Fair Oaks Ranch, TX 78015
Ph: (210) 698-0900
Toll Free: (866) 258-2505
Fx: (210) 698-3565
Found Pets
Stray Pets
If you observe a stray pet, call Animal Control at (830) 816-3194 or (830) 249-8645 with a description of the pet and the location.  This information helps reconnect the stray pet with its owner.

If you confine or restrain a stray pet during normal business hours, call Animal Control at (830) 816-3194 or (830) 249-8645 for the City's Animal Control Officer to pick up the pet.  After hours or weekends, Boerne Dispatch will have a Fair Oaks Ranch police officer, if available, pick up the pet.

An animal roaming at large can create a significant expense for the pet owner as a result of impound fees, boarding fees, and fines. By city ordinance, if a stray animal (ie: dog or cat) does not have a city tag, it is held for (3) three days before being released to the Boerne Animal Shelter.

Please obtain and maintain a current pet tag as well as keep your dog or cat restrained.

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