Wildlife Education

Wildlife Education Committee

The Wildlife Education Committee (WEC) was chartered by the City Council in 2016 for the primary purpose of helping Fair Oaks Ranch residents better enjoy and coexist with the nature that we are blessed to have in our community.  This citizen committee had the following objectives:

  • Be a source of educational materials, speakers and other opportunities on nature topics for the residents
  • Provide advice and guidance to the residents on living with nature in the Fair Oaks Ranch environment
  • Be proactive in looking forward on existing and future issues that may impact nature-resident interactions
  • Be the point of contact for resident feedback on nature-related issues

To contact the WEC, email cityhall@fairoaksranchtx.org or leave a message with the City of Fair Oaks Ranch at (210) 698-0900.  Feedback, comments and/or suggestions are welcomed.

For more information about wildlife in Fair Oaks Ranch, click on the link titled “Resources & Links” on the left side of this page.

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WEC Newsletter

Tips for Living with Wildlife on Fair Oaks Ranch

  • Watch for deer, ducks, geese and other wildlife crossing roads.  They tend to take their time and do not seem to be afraid of cars. Be particularly careful during deer rut (mating season) from about October through January when bucks may be running blindly after does and cross roadways without regard to traffic.
  • Leave unattended fawns alone.  Typically the mother is nearby, has placed her fawn there for safety, and will return, usually at dawn or dusk.  Whitetail and Axis fawns are generally born in the spring, although Axis fawns may arrive in all seasons.  For more information, click HERE to watch a video or HERE to read more.  
  • Do not feed the deer.  There is a city ordinance against feeding, and fines can be imposed on violators. For more information, click HERE.
  • If you find an injured or sick deer or other wildlife that does not appear to be able to move on its own, call the Boerne Police non-emergency dispatch number at (830) 249-8645.
  • The City does not provide trapping or trap rental services.  If you have a nuisance animal that you would like removed or you have already trapped, please contact a private provider.