Bulk Trash & Hazardous Waste Materials

Bulk Trash/Brush Pick Up Service
The City of Fair Oaks Ranch contracts with Republic Services (210-304-2700) to provide bi-annual bulk trash/brush curbside collection events. There is a 20-cubic yard maximum allowance during each event (pile approximately 15 feet in length x 6 feet in width x 6 feet in height).  Customers with more than the allowance should contact Republic Services (210-304-2700) for pricing on excess amounts. 

A notice of the pick up schedule (usually the first of the year and at the end of the year) is sent to all customers two weeks prior to their scheduled pick up date.  The notice also includes additional information regarding the service including what is and what is not brush/bulk waste:

  • Couches, chairs and other household furniture
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Appliances with NO FREON in them (certificate of removal required on appliance)
  • Larger than 4 feet, heavier than 50 pounds
  • Vehicle parts, tires and car batteries
  • Household hazardous waste
  • Paint (wet or dry)
  • Pool Chemicals
Acceptable brush waste includes brush trimmings, minor tree trimmings, and bag of leaves.  Excess fencing material, concrete and major tree trimmings are NOT brush waste.  When hiring a contractor to cut and trim your trees, shrubs, etc. or to replace decks, carpets, etc. please make arrangements for the Contractor to remove the waste. Otherwise, you need to contact Republic Services for a price quote to remove the waste.  

Illegal Dumping (i.e., trash on vacant lots) is a city violation of with fines and/or jail penalties. Please place your brush/bulk trash on your own property.

The City’s goal is to ensure a speedy and effective brush/bulk trash removal with the intent of keeping our beautiful city a great place to live and visit. This can only be accomplished with your cooperation.

Household Hazardous Waste
The City of Fair Oaks Ranch contracts with Republic Services to provide a Household Hazardous Waste Day once a year. A notice will be sent out to all customers when the date is scheduled. 

During other times, disposal of some items may be available through county services. Contact your county of residence for available county provided services: You may also obtain tips and helpful information at Earth 911 at (800) CLEANUP or at Keep Texas Beautiful.  Other providers include: