Subdivision and Platting Procedure

Requirements to Submit a Subdivision Plat and The Process for Platting

The platting process begins with a meeting between the property owner and city staff to discuss the type of plat and items needed for processing the subdivision plat. The submittal of these required items as detailed in the ordinance on the deadline date will then initiate the process of review by the various city departments. If needed, a letter of further or omitted requirements will follow the review of the subdivision plat and will be sent to the submitter. Once all items are rectified, the plat goes to the City Planning Committee and to the Fair Oaks Ranch City Council. The Council will make a final determination on the subdivision plat.

Time line for the Platting Process

The standard processing time for subdivision plats in the City of Fair Oaks Ranch is at least 45 days. This includes reviews before the City Planning Committee and public hearings, if needed, by the Fair Oaks Ranch City Council. The time frame for recording the plat after these actions are taken is dependent on the owner of the property and the surveyor completing the pending requirements.

Requirements For a Public Hearing to Act on Plats

If a public hearing before the Fair Oaks Ranch City Council is required, the notification process shall include a public notice in the Boerne Star newspaper and letters being mailed to surrounding property owners within 200 feet of the property being subdivided, 15 days prior to the meeting.