Leak Appeal Process

How to Detect a Water Leak
  • First, ensure that all of your inside and outside water systems are turned off such as faucets, irrigation systems, hose bibbs, etc.; and,
  • Second, check your outside water meter to examine if any of the dials are moving.  If a dial is moving, then there is a leak on your side of the meter; or,
  • Third, call a plumber to investigate and repair any and all noted leaks.

Leak Appeal Procedure, if applicable

City Code Chapter 13; Section 13.03.14 allows FORU customers to request a water loss appeal adjustment when a water leak occurred resulting from a pipe failure. Pipe failure does not include any landscape irrigation or component of said, valves, faucets, hoses and any mechanical equipment malfunction, such as water softeners, washing machines or other similar equipment.  Upon discovery/notification of a water leak, to be eligible for consideration of a water loss adjustment, the pipe failure causing excess consumption due to a water leak shall be repaired within 30 days of discovery/notification.    To file a leak appeal request, customers must mail or drop off at City Hall, the following information:

  • A completed Leak Adjustment Request Form stating when and where the pipe failure was detected, and how the pipe failure was repaired.
  • A copy of a paid receipt/invoice for repairs of service and/or parts.

Customers are responsible for all water that passes through the meter even when excessive water consumption is determined and proven to be a result of a water leak. 

Notification of the outcome will be mailed to you. Please allow us at least four (4) weeks to process your leak appeal.