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Message from the City of Fair Oaks Ranch

We ardently strive to provide each of our citizens with as much up-to-date information as possible regarding the current COVID-19 pandemic that has plagued our lives over the past year.  As a small rural community that lies within (3) three different counties, Bexar, Comal, and Kendall, we rely solely on information from each of those counties, and ultimately information from the State of Texas which has been limited and fluid throughout this pandemic.

Accordingly, the City has encountered unexpected challenges discerning pertinent and factual information that we can share with our community.  We have seen a multitude of changes from the State of Texas since the onset of this pandemic back in March of 2020 that each of our counties have interpreted in their own manner, and we want to remind our citizens that we are subject to these larger governmental entities.  

We pledge to continue our partnership with these outside entities to communicate as a united front with as accurate of information as possible, but as a gentle reminder to all, the City of Fair Oaks Ranch does not have the capacity, facilities, or health departments/personnel to handle any testing or vaccinations within our own City.   We will continue to push forward and sort through the plethora of information outside of our jurisdictions to guide each of you to sources that have been vetted for accuracy, and where you can easily navigate to creditable sites to gather information to the questions, we all have during these unprecedented times.  

Our hope is that the information listed below will lead you to the most up-to-date information that our State agencies can provide since they are the entity leading, organizing, and facilitating distribution of the COVID-19 vaccines/testing.  

Vaccine Status

Here is what we know about the vaccine distribution so far:

  • Supply is limited in our area.
  • Several clinics, doctors offices, pharmacies and other medical facilities in Kendall County have applied to the state to be providers of the COVID-19 vaccine.  If they are selected it will be included on the DSHS's Vaccine Provider Locator Map.
  • Please have patience! Providers are receiving a high call volume and may not be able to answer immediately.

Vaccine Distribution Guidelines

Texas will receive regular allotments of the vaccine from the federal government. The vaccine will be shipped directly to enrolled COVID-19 vaccine providers as determined by the Department of State Health Services (DSHS).  

The DSHS website provides the most up to date information on who, where and when the vaccine is available.

San Antonio MetroHealth has established a website for people to sign up for vaccinations.  If you are getting your vaccination from San Antonio MetroHealth you need to complete and bring with you the COVID-19 Vaccine Consent Form.   

Vaccination hub providers with contact information - Contact a provider in your area to learn about vaccination. Some may already have a waiting list for appointments.