HALT System

Road Flooding

In March 2023, City Council approved the installation of a HALT System as a cost-effective solution to reduce the risk to residents and emergency personnel in flooding situations along the Rolling Acres Trail Low Water Crossing.

The High-water Alert Lifesaving Technology (HALT) system is a tool to warn drivers when there is too much water over the road to drive through safely. HALT systems use an intricate system of flashing beacons and gates, water level sensors, and master data collection stations in combination with graphical map displays, instant messaging, hydrological forecasting, and analysis tools. Once the water reaches a certain depth, the system will warn drivers to turn around with either flashing lights or a combination of flashing lights and gates.

The HALT System will automatically send alerts, open/close gates, and collect actual flow data. The system is used extensively throughout Bexar County and is designed to notify emergency personnel of dangerous flooding and close the road to residents sooner reducing the risk to residents and property. 

The City of Fair Oaks Ranch is currently working to identify a vendor to purchase a HALT System unit and determine a project timeline. Once a vendor has been identified and a timeline set, residents will be notified of the project length and estimated impact on traffic and residents during the construction/installation phases. 

Residents are encouraged to sign-up to receive City notifications to be alerted of important project and construction updates.