Public Works

The Public Works Department provides public services for the citizens of Fair Oaks Ranch and our visitors while maintaining a superior infrastructure in a clean and safe environment. Public Works is involved in many aspects of the City, including the following systems:

Capital Improvement Plans

A long-term Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) is essential for the proper planning, budgeting and execution of infrastructure projects.  The plan enables the City to forecast and prioritize capital needs, allows time to effectively plan for large projects or acquisitions, and provides a level of certainty for the future.   Capital improvements refer to major, non-recurring physical expenditures such as land, buildings, public infrastructure and equipment. The CIP includes a description of proposed capital improvement projects, a year-by-year schedule showing expected design/construction timeframes, and an estimate of project costs. The CIP is a working document which is reviewed and updated annually to reflect changing community needs, emergent priorities and funding opportunities.

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