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Posted on: May 17, 2021

Beware of Fawns


The city's Wildlife Education Committee wishes to remind everyone this is the time of year when you might come into encounter with a fawn (a baby deer which has a white-spotted reddish-brown "baby coat" and is unweaned).

Does associate with their fawns very little during the first 8 weeks after giving birth.  When they are not nursing their young, the fawns lie motionless among plants to try to keep themselves concealed waiting for Momma to return, which is why we tend to find baby deer during the day.  Thus, if you find a baby deer in yard, please do not disturb it - a fawn that looks healthy and is not crying as if it is starving is undoubtedly being cared for by Momma. If you disturb a fawn, leave it at its current location as mom will return to take care of it!

Whitetail fawns are typically born in early spring through June and are very frail at birth.  Axis deer fawns are usually born in early January to mid-April, although fawns may arrive in all seasons.  A fawn can be left anywhere by their mothers even on your front porch! 

A fawn’s white-spots, relative lack of scent and ability to remain perfectly still help it avoid being detected by predators. Even if you cannot see the mother, she is very likely nearby and will return within 12 hours, usually at dawn and dusk. When she comes back, she may or may not move the fawn to a new spot.  Do not try to feed the fawn or offer it water as it is totally dependent on its mother’s milk. The best action is no action, they are best left to their mothers.  

If you find an injured deer that does not appear to be able to ambulate on its own, call Dispatch at (830) 816-3194 or (830) 249-8645. Animal Control will respond Monday through Friday 8-5. The Fair Oaks Ranch Police department will respond on weekends and evenings. 

Please keep your eyes open for these small creatures, and remember do not disturb them.

Wildlife Education
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